Kondor Attila

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To separate the personal experience of time from the time experienced as a series of events arranged into a story helps us to assume that we can look beyond the horizon of existence conceived solely within the framework of society so as to be able to glimpse the prospects of existence. The pratice of painting may give the opportunity to liberate ourselves gradually from the bondage of time immersed in average everydayness. The main sense of painting lies in its capability of pointing up essential questions to the everyday eye. The painting is motionless and can be captured with a glance but it is being created for a long time and the time of reception could also last long – we can return to it any time. Instead of the material activity dominated by instinct whereby consciousness sinks into the past or is riveted on the future, the consciousness becomes internally active. In my work a thing or object is interesting to me only in so far as the rhythm of its formal proportions is capable of taking the moving gaze to a resting point. Concentrated thinking evoked by this prepares us to transcend objective or idiosyncratic reality.


Translated by Eva Federmayer

Modifications of the light

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